1. Choirs may enter more than one category.
  2. No singer may compete as a member of more than one choir in the same category. The exception to this rule is if they reach the “Choir of Choirs” final competition.
  3. For the purpose of deciding nationality for residents of the UK: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are considered as four separate countries.
  4. All competitors, except choir conductors and accompanists, must be of amateur status: that is, they must not earn their principal livelihood from choral singing.


  1. No choir may sing the same programme in two different categories. This rule does not apply for “Choir of Choirs” although choirs are advised to vary their programme from their Category entry.
  2. Up to 3 musicians are allowed to provide the accompaniment for the pieces. It is the choir’s responsibility to organise and pay any fees and expenses to their musicians.
  3. Changes to the submitted programme are not permitted.
  4. Choirs will be penalised for a programme that does not adhere to the stated time limits for each competition.
Time Over / Under Penalty
0 seconds – 30 seconds Nil
30 seconds – 1 minute 1 Mark
1 minute – 1 minute 30 seconds 2 Marks
1 minute 30 seconds – 2 minutes 4 Marks
2 minutes – 3 minutes 6 Marks
3 minutes – 4 minutes 8 Marks
More than 4 minutes 10 Marks

Adjudicators will award marks for the technical ability and artistic quality of each choir, as well as the variety and communication of the selected programme.

Selection Process

  1. Choirs will be selected on the standard of their submitted application. The Artistic Panel of the International Choral Festival Cardiff will pay particular attention to the proposed repertoire for the competition as well as the quality of performance presented on the submitted recording.
  2. Selected choirs will be expected to participate in evening concerts and be available for non-competitive activities throughout the festival period.

Broadcasting, Recording and Photographic Rights

  1. Performances throughout the Festival may be photographed, recorded for subsequent reproduction and/or broadcast on radio or television.
  2. All broadcasting and photographic rights to the performances will belong to the Festival and may be used for promotional use as the Festival sees fit.
  3. Choirs will not receive payment for recordings or photographs used and the Festival will be entitled to reproduce any such recording or photograph for sale or promotional use.
  4. All choirs with members under the age of 18 years must ensure that the necessary consent is obtained from these members and their parents/guardians prior to taking part in the Festival.
  5. The Festival reserves the right to use any photographic images and/or other media supplied by applicants for promotional purposes. The Festival assumes that by providing the Festival with images and/or other media that the applicants have sought the necessary permissions and grant the same to the Festival.
  6. The consent required by the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, as amended, is hereby given to the International Choral Festival Cardiff and its assigns to make recordings and/or broadcasts in sound and/or vision of all performances given at any time during the Festival for any purpose. Additionally, all property rights subsisting in any such performance are, on coming into being, hereby assigned in totality to the International Choral Festival Cardiff and each competitor hereby waives such moral rights to which they are now or may in the future be entitled pursuant to Sections 77-84 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. In applying to compete at the Festival, each competitor certifies that no other assignment or agreement to assign, in respect of these rights, has been or shall be entered into by the competitor or by representatives on his/her behalf. Unpublished works: Please ensure the correct permissions have been obtained to use any unpublished works. Published works: Please ensure that if you intend to perform any published works that you secure written permissions from the publishers to perform such works at the Festival.

Travel, Accommodation, Meals

  1. All travel costs to and from the Festival are the responsibility of each participating choir.
  2. All accommodation and meal costs at the Festival are the responsibility of each participating choir.
  3. International Choral Festival Cardiff offers a bespoke Festival Package to its participants through the Festival’s partners, Rayburn Tours, to assist with travel arrangements including, but not limited to:
    • Travel to and from the Festival, including flights if required,
    • Accommodation,
    • Transport throughout the time spent at the Festival,
    • Meals,
    • Sight-seeing trips,
    • Onward travel.

Our carefully selected and experienced partner, Rayburn Tours, will work with you to create an itinerary that is tailored to your group’s specific requirements, ensuring that you have a musical experience to remember. Purchase of a Festival Package is not a prerequisite to compete. Please note, International Choral Festival Cardiff assumes no responsibility for any Festival Package agreed between participants and Rayburn Tours.


  1. Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all rules & selection process.
  2. Additional Performances: Each choir is expected to undertake an additional public performance. You will be notified of this activity in your Official Acceptance Notification.
  3. The decisions of the adjudication panel will be final in all competitions and no correspondence will be entered into regarding any aspect of their work.
  4. The Artistic Panel reserves the right to limit the number of entries for any category/competition.
  5. The Artistic Panel reserves the right to cancel a competition if sufficient entries have not been received.
  6. The Artistic Panel reserves the right to refuse entry into any competition.
  7. Entry fees (less any bank charges) will be refunded if a choir is not selected.
  8. A selected choir that withdraws from the competition is not entitled to a fee refund.
  9. The timetable for the competitions must be adhered to. The only time the timetable can be changed is at the Festival Team’s sole discretion. If a choir is not present when called to the stage, they will lose their opportunity to compete.
  10. Illegal reproduction of music will not be condoned by the festival. In the event of any illegal reproduction, the Festival Team accepts no responsibility for any action taken by publishers.
  11. Competitors must not work with any of our adjudicating panel within 6 months leading up to the Festival.
  12. The use of scores during performance is not permitted. All music should be performed from memory.
  13. No joint prizes will be awarded in any category.
  14. The Festival Team accepts no legal responsibility whatsoever in respect of any matter pertaining to a choir’s participation in the Festival and any associated activities.
  15. The decision of the Festival Team are final.
  16. Choirs should not make private arrangements to perform at other venues during the Festival without prior consultation with the Festival.
  17. All official instruments are tuned Diapason Normal Pitch (A-440 or C-522).
  18. Rehearsal Spaces: Each choir will be allocated a rehearsal space on the day of their competition. Any additional rehearsals needed should be requested prior to arrival and are subject to availability.