International Choral Festival Wales Virtual Choir Competition

Closing Date: 1 October, 2021

Terms and Conditions:


  1. To compete, each competing choir must submit a video of the choir singing one piece between 3-5 minutes to International Choral Festival Wales Ltd. using the online entry form available here
  2. Entires must be received no later than 12:00 on 1 October 2021. Entries which are shorter than 3 minutes or longer than 5 minutes will be penalised.

  3. Each competing choir can be any combination of voices (e.g. mixed, male, female) made up of at least 12 individuals of any age.

  4. Each competing choir may submit more than one entry. The entry fee (£25) is payable for each individual entry.

  5. The jury will consider each competing choir’s entry. Entries will be scored out of 100 marks. Entries attracting:
    1. 70-79 marks shall be awarded a Bronze Award,
    2. 80-89 marks shall be awarded a Silver Award,
    3. 90-100 marks shall be awarded a Gold Award.

  6. The jury’s decision and marks shall be final.

  7. Each competing choir shall be fully responsible for securing necessary copyright permissions for their individual entries.

  8. A competing choir may sing their piece acapella or with accompaniment.

  9. A competing choir’s video must include the face of every voice included in the performance.

  10. A competing choirs’ video should not include subtitles, trailers, watermarks or narration of any kind.

  11. A competing choir’s video may be a collage of individually filmed videos of choristers, a live performance or a combination thereof. The video must have been filmed in the period from 1 April 2020 to 1 October 2021.

  12. Each competing choir shall be responsible for ensuring that they have adhered to the public health protection requirements in place in their jurisdiction when producing their video.

  13. The Board of International Choral Festival Wales Ltd. reserves the right to disqualify competing choirs where they reasonably believe that a competing choir has failed to adhere to any of these terms and conditions.