NUIG Alumni Ensemble are the graduate choir from the National university of Ireland Galway on the west coast of Ireland. Galway is famed as a cultural and artistic hotspot with a plethora of diverse artforms being engaged at the highest level and this influences the diverse repertoire of the NUIG Alumni Ensemble.

The current group all sang together in the University in the 2002-2006 era so some of the group are celebrating two decades of singing together. Given the nature of the group the rehearsals are held irregularly back in Galway and consist of day long rehearsals in order to allow those to travel from all over Ireland to have a meaningful rehearsal experience.

The choir have won prizes at most of the Irish choral festivals and won the National Chamber Choirs & Ensembles Competition at the Cork Choral Festival in 2019.

During the pandemic the group undertook a number of virtual choir projects ranging from Arvo Pärts Da Pacem Domine, performed with the famed string quartet Con Tempo and created especially for Estonia Day and hosted and introduced by the Estonian Ambassador to Ireland along with other styles like Red Cortina, which was an aca pop version of an 90s hit by Irish group The Saw Doctors which was enjoyed by tens of thousands of viewers on our choir socials!

The group are conducted by Peter Mannion, who himself is celebrating 20 years at conducting.

The choir hope you all enjoy their diverse repertoire especially the Irish choral works.