Maria Gamborg Helbekkmo is professor emeritus at Bergen University College, where her main subjects were choir conducting, piano and solo voice.  For a number of years she was teaching ear-training as a guest-professor at The Royal Academy of Music in Oslo.

She has given masterclasses in several countries, among those Canada, South-Korea, Germany and USA as well as Scandinavia.

Educated as a pianist, singer and conductor, she has gained wide recognition as a musician and teacher, and is especially known for her work with Bergen Symphony Choir and the female choir Voci Nobili.  Her determination, combined with her artistic abilities and her unique musical ambience resulted  in 11 International first prizes with Voci Nobili.

In 2005 she was given the Norwegian Choral Association’s annual prize with Voci Nobili; she is a member of honor in Fonoko (Norwegian Conductor’s Society), and in 2006 she was awarded H.M. The King’s Medal of Merit in Gold for her educational and artistic contribution to Norwegian music.