Choir of Choirs Champions 2022: Cantorum Chamber Choir (USA)

2019 Festival

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I have no doubt that this festival will become one of the major events of the year!!

Paul Mealor Adjudicator & Honorary President
I feel both humbled and honoured to have been approached to give my name to the International Choral Festival Cardiff Trophy. Over ninety nine percent of my compositional output has involved singers and singing and the sound of the human voice has been an inspiration to me over many years, whether by the conventional use of the voice as a vehicle for expressing a narrative or by using it purely as an instrument, as in my Adiemus project. Curiously enough, I rarely if ever sang, spending my time playing the oboe in the orchestra. Recently on the radio, I heard I was the answer in a quiz! This even trumps that.

Sir Karl Jenkins CBE D.Mus FRAM LRAM